Featured in the LEON web edition serial “Beauty Curry (by Azusa Yamamoto)”.

Azabu Juban Yakuzen Curry was introduced in the gourmet serial “Bijo Curry” in the web version of LEON.

This is the 25th installment of the “Bijo Curry” series.

Ms. Azusa Yamamoto, an active model mainly for commercials for major companies, introduced our restaurant as a reputable medicinal curry in Azabu-juban. Azusa Yamamoto told us that her friend told her about our restaurant as a delicious curry shop.

The most popular dish at the restaurant is “2 kinds of mixed Yakuzen Curry”; “Sri Lankan style Yakuzen Soup Curry” and “Chicken and Ginger Stewed Yakuzen Curry” are the most popular among 4 kinds, and they were served with “Home-made Pickles” which is a free service at lunch.

We hope that people who are concerned about their beauty and health on a daily basis will learn more about our medicinal curries. For the article and videoclick here Please click here for more information.