On 5/30/2020, Fuji Television Network, Inc. (by Ren Kiriyama).

Thank you very much for your patronage of Azabujuban Yakuzen Curry. Today, we would like to report on our TV appearance.

Fuji Television Network, Inc. Ren Kiriyama-san enjoyed Azabujuban Yakuzen Curry in the “Ikemeshi” program.

What is “Ikemeshi”? The hottest hotties of the moment drive to the hottest meal places in the Kanto area and eat the hottest food there. This time, Ren Kiriyama x Azabu Juban Yakuzen Curry “Azabu Juban Yakuzen Curry” Ren Kiriyama, who appeared in Kamen Rider W and is popular among people of all ages, tried our yakuzen curry and even received the nickname ” Deep Impact ” for its strong spiciness during the broadcast. What are you going to do on Saturday? Thank you to the production staff and Ren Kiriyama for coming!