Happy Hour (Toranomon/Daimon)

Happy Hour (Toranomon/Daimon)

Happy Hour from 5:00pm to 7:00pm everyday!

Some menu items are priced down!
During our daily Happy Hour, there is no charge and you can enjoy a variety of medicinal curries at the same price as lunch. In addition to curry, other dishes and beverages are also available at Happy Hour prices.

D. Two types of combination medicinal curry
You can enjoy 2 kinds of medicinal curries at one time. 7 kinds of curries (S, A, B, C, V1, V2, V3), please choose your favorite 2 kinds.

¥1,5401320円 ※Large +¥220、Ex-Large +¥420、Half -¥330

※Large +¥220、Ex-Large +¥420、Half -¥330

E. Three types of combination medicinal curry
You can enjoy 3 kinds of medicinal curries at one time. 7 kinds of curries (S,A,B,C,V1,V2,V3), please choose your favorite 3 kinds.

¥1,870¥1650 ※Large +¥330、¥Half -¥330

※Large +¥330、¥Half -¥330

S. Sri Lankan style medicinal soup curry
This medicinal curry uses more than 20 spices and has the sweetness, sourness, and richness characteristic of Sri Lankan curry.

A. Chicken curry of the medicinal soup
A luxurious, thick, soupy chicken curry with a combination of more than 17 spices.

B. Chicken and ginger stewed medicinal curry
Onions, ginger, chicken, and tomatoes are slowly simmered until the water is gone, and then combined with 17 spices in this medicinal curry.

C. Minced pork and red pepper medicinal curry
Onions, minced pork, and tomatoes are simmered until all the moisture is gone, and then combined with 17 spices to create a flavorful, spicy medicinal curry.

Vegan certified

V1. Medicinal soup curry with soy meat
and vegetable soup stock
Using vegetable broth, we recreate the taste of our most popular Sri Lankan-style medicinal curry. Instead of grilled chicken, additive-free soybean meat is used.

V2. Medicinal Keema curry with Okinawan
style tofu and vegetable soup stock
The island tofu is drained of water and carefully crumbled to give it the texture of homemade soybean meat. This luxurious dish combines the sweetness from the island tofu with the flavor of vegetable broth and spices.

V3. Medicinal curry with 2 kinds of beans
and plenty of vegetable
Made with a generous amount of chickpeas and lentils. It also features our unique spice and flavor with plenty of vegetables.

¥1,320円¥1100円 ※Large +¥200円、Ex-Large +¥440、Half -¥330

¥1,320円 ¥1100円
※Large +¥200円、Ex-Large +¥440、Half -¥330

*Please see “Nutrition Facts” for the nutritional value of curry.

*Please see “Nutrition Facts” for the nutritional value of curry.

Change Rice

Rice can be changed to soybean rice. “Beanus” soybean rice will be offered in collaboration with Fujikko Co.

Change soybean rice (170g) +¥330


Hot spring egg +100 yen

Coriander +200 yen

Cheese +100円

Wiener +200円

Avocado and
Smoked Sarmon Tartar

Special Salad – wasabi dressing –

Okizuke of Squid

Place changer
of Cream cheese
¥880 ¥660

Avocado and
chopped plum wasabi

¥880 ¥660

Homemade pickles
¥990 ¥770

Salt source sauteed chicken

Pork fried with ginger

Mint plenty of Mojito

Moscow Mule of the grated ginger

Mint plenty of Mojito

Seasonal fruit cocktail

[Toyama] Maboroshi no Taki Daiginjo
¥1430¥990 ※Toranomon Only

[Niigata] Koshino Kagetora Junmaisyu

Sapporo Draft Beer ¥880¥550
Shandy Gaff

Red Eye ¥990¥660
Clamat Eye

Ichiro’s Malt & Grain

Iwai Tradition

Taketsuru Pure Malt


Millesime Grenache Syrah

Millesime Sauvignon Blanc

Today’s Sparkling Wine

Wine Cocktails

Kir ¥1100¥770
Operator ¥990 → ¥770

Kir Royal ¥1100¥770
Bellini ¥990円 → ¥770

Menu in the restaurant

▶ Daimon

▶ Toranomon

During lunch time, 7 kinds of medicinal curries are available from 1,000 yen (tax included). Homemade medicinal pickles are available for free & all-you-can-eat.

All restaurants offer Happy Hour from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. every day, during which you can enjoy medicinal curries and some other dishes and beverages at a discounted price.

In addition to medicinal curries, appetizers, salads, and meat dishes are also available. Beverages include non-alcoholic drinks, original cocktails, beer, wine, and whiskey, and can also be enjoyed as a full-fledged BAR.

Takeout is available by phone or through the Picks app. Delivery is available via UberEATS, Demaekan, Wolt, and the menu app.

We sell frozen medicinal curries, homemade medicinal pickles, etc. Please enjoy the taste of our restaurant at home.

We provide catering services for companies and groups. We can provide various types of bento including meeting bento, location bento, catering, and more.