Pickle Features

Thanks to your support, our pickles have been so well received that they have received many ratings on review sites such as Eat Log and Retty. Many customers appreciate the “taste” and “variety of vegetables. We are very happy to hear that our passion for making pickles is truly being conveyed.

Easy-to-eat flavor and aroma

I think there are quite a few people who don’t like pickles, but at our restaurant, they say, “I don’t really like pickles, but the pickles here are delicious!” We frequently receive comments such as, “I’ve never had a problem with that before. Our pickles are not just “pickled vegetables,” but we are very particular about the seasoning.

Fruity and sweet fruit vinegar

First of all, it is common for pickles that are not tasty to be just sour vinegar with no flavor. Our pickles are made with fruit vinegar, not grain vinegar. Grain vinegar is said to be cheap, refreshing, and easy to use in cooking without any peculiarities, but on the other hand, it has no flavor in pickles and just becomes sour. On the other hand, when fruit vinegar is used, it has a fruity, rich aroma and sweet taste, adding not only sourness but also a mild flavor.

Spices and herbs further enrich the aroma and flavor.

Our pickles are made with several spices and herbs. When the pickle liquid is heated, the spices and herbs are added together to transfer their aroma and flavor to the pickle liquid. The vegetables are pickled after the aroma and flavor have been thoroughly transferred over low heat. The addictive aroma and flavor that fruit vinegar alone cannot produce are derived from these spices and herbs.


Carefully Selected Ingredients with Health in Mind

The main ingredients of pickles are vegetables, vinegar, and sugar. As mentioned above, we use fruit vinegar, which is safe for the body, but we also carefully select our vegetables and sugar.

10 vegetables are used

In today’s society, many people are deficient in vegetables, and although more and more people are “consciously trying to eat vegetables,” it is difficult to consume a large variety of vegetables in a single meal. However, our pickles are made with 10 vegetables that will sweep away such problems.

1. carrot
2. yellow bell pepper
3. red bell pepper
4. turnip
5. cucumber
6. zucchini
7. baby corn
8. lotus root
9. celery
10. burdock root


Hokkaido beet sugar is used for safety.

Sugar is indispensable for pickles. However, there is talk that “white sugar,” which is inexpensive and readily available, is somehow bad for the body. However, it is clear that “cane sugar” and “beet sugar” are not good for the body. However, we use “beet sugar,” which we believe is safer for the body than “white sugar. It is necessary to warm the body in order to improve the functions of the body, and “beet sugar” is said to have the function of warming the body. A synergistic effect of warming the body can be expected by eating it together with Yakuzen Curry.

Acetic acid relieves fatigue

One of the most frequently heard effects of vinegar is that it relieves fatigue. Pickles, which use vinegar as their main ingredient, naturally have this effect. The body naturally stores lactic acid, pyruvic acid, and other fatigue substances during daily life. Acetic acid, the main ingredient of pickles, breaks down these fatigue substances. It is a scientifically proven fact that people in the past used to eat vinegar when they were tired.

Pickles with various health benefits

It is also said to have many other health benefits, including increased appetite, prevention of indigestion, weight loss, relief of constipation, relief of sensitivity to cold, prevention of hangovers, blood thinning, prevention of high blood pressure, and relief of stress. We hope you have been able to understand how much our “pickles” are made with a focus on “taste” and “health”. We offer an all-you-can-eat pickle service during lunch time. We hope you will enjoy them as much as you like. You can now enjoy our pickles at home as well. We are now selling them in our online store.